4 Things That You Must Do When Visiting Tampa

As much of the United States is blanketed under snow and experiencing cold weather, there is a part that is still experiencing paradise. All you need to do is head south and make sure that you land in Tampa, Florida. Not only do you have easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, but there are also so many other things that you can do as well. It makes for the perfect winter vacation.

Of course, when you are in Tampa, you would want to make sure that you see the sights in the most efficient way possible. Rather than trying to do absolutely everything possible, which would practically be impossible, you can check out the following four attractions.

Busch Gardens – If you love adventure and want to have a fun day in the sun, it is difficult to beat what Busch Gardens brings to the table. This unique theme park is fantastic for everyone, young or old. If you are going to visit Busch Gardens, make sure you get there early because it closes at 5.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge – Another option is the toll bridge that connects St. Pete with points heading south. It is the best way for you to see the area because it gives you a bird’s eye view over the water. Also, the toll is relatively inexpensive, as you would be paying only $1.25 for each direction. The bridge also includes fishing bridges and when you are on the top, the view is outstanding so make sure that your time to properly to see the sun sinking into the Gulf of Mexico.

Electric Manatee – No trip to Florida would be complete unless you saw some of the wildlife. As far as this is concerned, the best option is to check on the manatees at the viewing center. Not only are you going to see these unusual creatures, you can also enjoy wandering around the nature trail. There are plenty of other things to see as well, including shark and many different species of fish.

Tampa Theater – This is something that is often enjoyed by the locals, and you know that they are the ones who are up on the best options available. You can find a variety of different shows, including both current and classic films. There are some places to eat in the area as well and this is the perfect night out for a date night.

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